Senate Meetings
Thursday, March 09, 2017
Time: 4:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Location: 307 CLOB

  TO:   MEMBERS OF Senate Judiciary 
Sen. Bill Cowsert (46th), Vice Chairman
Sen. Blake Tillery (19th), Secretary 
Sen. Vincent Fort (39th)
Sen. Hunter Hill (6th)
Sen. Harold Jones, II (22nd) 
Sen. John Kennedy (18th)    
Sen. Greg Kirk (13th)
Sen. William Ligon (3rd)
Sen. Josh McKoon (29th)  
Sen. Elena Parent (42nd)
Sen. Curt Thompson (5th)
FROM:           Senator Jesse Stone (23rd), Chairman
SUBJECT:      FULL Committee Meeting Notice
DATE:                        Thursday, March 9, 2017     
TIME:             4:00
PLACE:          307 CLOB
HB 14, Rep. Jones, (167th), Courts; sheriff to collect and deposit certain fees; provide (LC 29 7180)
HB 75, Rep. Willard, (51st), Social services; certain records from disclosure; exclude (LC 29 7266)
HB 86, Rep. Oliver (82nd), Domestic relations; definition of sexual abuse; expand (LC 29 7276)
HB 88, Rep. Fleming (121st), Superior courts; qualifications for judges; revise (LC 29 7522S) **New Sub Attached
HB 213, Rep. Golick (40th), Crimes and offenses; sale, manufacture, delivery, or possession of fentanyl within the prohibition of trafficking certain drugs; include (LC 29 7432S)
HB 231, Rep. Broadrick (4th), Controlled substances; Schedules I, II, IV and V; change certain provisions   (LC 29 7410S)
*The Chairman reserves the right to change the agenda at his discretion.