Senate Meetings
Tuesday, March 14, 2017
Time: 4:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Location: 307 CLOB

TO:     MEMBERS OF Senate Judiciary 
Group A
Sen. William Ligon (3rd), Chair
Sen. Blake Tillery (19th), Secretary 
Sen. Hunter Hill (6th)
Sen. Elena Parent (42nd)
Sen. Vincent Fort (39th)
Sen. Jesse Stone (23rd), Ex-Officio
Sen. Bill Cowsert (46th), Ex-Officio
FROM:           Senator Jesse Stone (23rd), Chairman
SUBJECT:      Sub-Committee A - Meeting Notice
DATE:                        Tuesday, March 14, 2017     
TIME:             4:00
PLACE:          307 CLOB
Tentative Agenda:
HB 76 by Rep. Jasperse, 11th, Superior courts; change certain requirements and certifications for certain maps, plats, and plans for filing with clerk; provisions (LC 36 3379S)  New Sub Attached
HB 323, Rep. Caldwell (131st), Code Revision Commission; revise, modernize, correct errors or omissions of said Code (LC 25 6672S – the As Passed House version)  Sub removed – back to Passed House version
HB 138, Rep. Hawkins (27th), Superior courts; fifth judge of the Northeastern Judicial Circuit; provide (LC 29 7535S) New Sub Attached
HB 221, Rep. Efstration (104th), Commerce and trade; powers of attorney to a uniform Act; update and conform provisions (LC 29 7533ERS) (AM 29 2604)  Sub and Amendment attached
HB 279, Rep. Ballinger (23rd), Domestic relations; name change requested by victim of family violence; provide separate process (HB 279/FA)
HB 319, Rep. Werkheiser (157th), Habeas corpus; maximum amount counties may be reimbursed for certain costs; increase (LC 28 8265)
(Hearing onlyHB 343, Rep. Hilton (95th), Criminal procedure; certain outdated terminology; replace (LC 29 7471S)
(Hearing onlyHB 15, Rep. Willard (51st), Courts; certain civil pleadings to be filed electronically; require (LC 29 7525S) New Sub Attached